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metal fabrication Canada

If you require any steam injection humidifier or metal fabrication equipment just checkout with our services as we are experienced in offering large distribution systems and PLC/HMI panel manufacturing with our in-house electrical design and manufacturing facility that has the right equipment like the 10ft break and shear, welders and milling machines to handle any types of metals whether steel or aluminum for fabrication works. So we can offer metal fabrication Canada services to design and develop different structures for your business purpose through cutting, bending and assembling process of the metals that are supplied to us.

plc programming service

We are in fact experts in this metal fabrication Canada offering services to customers from different industries constructing their designed machines and structures from the raw materials using different techniques like shear and break services that can cut the metal sheets into the desired shapes and sizes for the heavy duty usage. So whether it is a big or small job the experienced operators of our company can handle the shear and break services which are then followed by the wielding, machining and fabrication work to bring the raw materials into the designs specified by the customer. We also provide machining services using the milling and plasma cutter to retro fit the existing equipment and also undertake general repairs and alterations of equipment like drilling and tapping.

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Apart from metal fabrication Canada works we also undertake the job of manufacturing humidification systems for different industries to maintain proper humidity and temperature levels for the proper moisture levels which is a key to the efficient performance of many production facilities. We offer steam injection humidifier solutions to different industries like food to maintain the bakery environment and proofing systems, wood furniture manufacturing workshops and also for hospital ventilation for the employees to have a comfortable working environment.

With the fabrication works we can offer quality bakery machinery as well as upgrade and modify the existing manufacturing facility with our machinery design and production along with installation and maintenance services for better outputs in your plant. Similarly, you can also check out our services of manufacturing different burners like ribbon burners, infra-red burners and power burners that helps to reduce your energy costs by replacing or retrofitting your present gas equipment.

Similarly, automation/PLC/HMI is our specialty in designing and manufacturing small machinery to large manufacturing units control cabinets.

So for any of your manufacturing facility electrical, gas or mechanical needs you can always avail competitive quotes from us to meet your requirements.